Conversation: Food, Farming, and the Land

Farmers across Wisconsin face challenges that have only been amplified in recent weeks, yet we continue to depend on their efforts to nourish us, our culture, and economy. Right now, it can be hard to know what to do, but sometimes coming together can shed light.

To that purpose, LVN is collaborating with Wormfarm Institute, an arts organization based in rural Sauk County, to facilitate conversations about farming, food, and land use. All of us eat so all of us are affected by farming. We invite diverse voices from across the rural-urban continuum to participate.

We will host 40 of these conversations leading up to the 2020 Farm/Art DTour (Sep 26–Oct 4), a self-guided drive through the working farmlands of Sauk County, punctuated by site-responsive artworks and roadside poetry. The DTour invites people throughout the Midwest to come closer to what farmers do everyday. It’s a recurring event, part of Fermentation Fest: A Live Culture Convergence, hosted by Wormfarm. Because the DTour has social distancing built in (folks drive the route at their own pace), we expect this outdoor fall event to take place with modifications.

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Upcoming Conversations