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You are invited to join us for a conversation at the Cap Times Idea Fest!

Our goal is to foster conversation in communities and in the media that improves our understanding of one another. Each conversation takes place around a Digital Hearth, which records the discussion and enables hosts to play speech snippets from other groups in order to share voices and perspectives across community boundaries. The conversations are then transcribed with the goal of offering local community members, media and leaders a new window into the issues important to the community.

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The Cap Times & LVN

Earlier this year the Local Voices Network launched a Madison chapter and invited all of Madison to listen, learn, speak and be heard. More than fifty Conversation Corps hosts, representing Madison’s full diversity, have been organizing and guiding hundreds of small-group conversations throughout the city.

Stories featuring the voices of conversation participants have been featured multiple times in the Cap Times:

      Community members discuss Madison's racial disparities

      Madison residents discuss climate change concerns

      Community members say more, better public transportation needed

      Community members share affordable housing concerns

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To learn more about the Local Voices Network, you can listen to the Madsplainers podcast episode on LVN featuring voices from several conversations and an interview with Kathy:

Or watch an interview with Kathy on Channel 3000.

Want to learn even more about the Local Voices Network? Kathy will be speaking at the Cap Times Idea Fest on Saturday, September 14th at 8:00 AM.

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