Cortico’s Local Voices Network aims to build a healthier public sphere. We do so by gathering the kinds of rich, deep stories that surface when we get together with neighbors in person and let conversation unfold over time. We share those conversations with our partners so they can tell more authentic, timely stories about what is on the minds of community members, especially of those whose voices are not heard or heeded by policy makers.

Currently all Local Voices Network conversations are being held online via Zoom. We look forward to hosting in-person conversations again as it becomes safe to do so.

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Resources to facilitate Virtual Conversations via Zoom

Script Resources for Partners & Facilitators

LVN Facilitator Handbook

Downloadable Templates

LVN Support Contact Info

Resources to facilitate Virtual Conversations via Zoom

This page is intended to support trained LVN Partners & Facilitators in inviting, welcoming, and hosting a Virtual LVN Conversation via Zoom. There are many possible topics included to choose from. Zoom conversations follow the same principles as the general LVN Conversation:

  • Lead with Values
  • Share from Personal Experience
  • Engage Discomfort
  • Connect across Community

Tips for using Zoom to Host LVN Conversations

Volunteer Training Modules

Tips for Highlighting

LVN Guidelines & Values

Script Resources for Partners & Facilitators

Want to know what goes into every conversation guide and script?

Click here for a written overview of the conversation guide or watch an overview below:

For script questions or requests, please contact Colleen at colleen@lvn.org.

Below you can access scripts organized by topics. These scripts can be utilized by any LVN Partner or Facilitator.

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Introducing Script-o-matic

LVN volunteers and partners are now able to create their own customized, thematic LVN script with suggested highlights! Click below to try it out and let us know what you think.

Click here to design your own custom LVN Script

Downloadable Templates

If you utilize the templates below, please go the the File dropdown menu and click on "make a copy." You will then be able to save your own copy of the template which you will be able to fill in online.

LVN Support Contact Info

For Chapter specific inquiries, please contact:

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