The Cap Times People's Agenda

For the 2020 elections, the Cap Times is developing a People's Agenda to help guide the stories they cover, and they want to hear what’s important to you. This isn’t about what the candidates want to discuss — it’s about the community setting its priorities

The Cap Times, UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication and The Local Voices Network are collaborating on a series of conversations to support the People’s Agenda.

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The Cap Times and LVN

In 2019 the Local Voices Network launched a Wisconsin chapter and invited all of Madison to listen, learn, speak and be heard. More than fifty Conversation Corps hosts, representing Madison’s full diversity, have been organizing and guiding hundreds of small-group conversations throughout the city.

Stories featuring the voices of conversation participants have been featured multiple times in the Cap Times:

      Community members discuss Madison's racial disparities

      Madison residents discuss climate change concerns

      Community members say more, better public transportation needed

      Community members share affordable housing concerns