How to Get involved

Interested in sharing your thoughts and stories about life in Alabama? Learn how to participate in LVN below.

Participate in a Virtual LVN Conversation

Thank you for your interest in participating in a Local Voices Network Conversation! Our goal is to foster conversation in communities and in the media that improves our understanding of one another. Each conversation is recorded which enables hosts to play speech snippets from other groups in order to share voices and perspectives across community boundaries. The conversations are then transcribed with the goal of offering local community members, media and leaders a new window into the issues important to the community.

Here are a few important details:

  • If you are new to Zoom, you are welcome to join us 15 minutes before the call. We will have staff on the call to provide one-on-one tech support and get you comfortable with the platform before the conversation begins.
  • Virtual Conversations will include a small group of 4 - 8 participants and one volunteer host. If we have less than four people register, we may reschedule the event.
  • Because of the small group size, we request that participants who need to cancel do so at least 48 hours in advance, or as soon as you know you will be unable to participate.
  • Please join on time. It is important that all participants are present for the beginning part of the conversation. Unfortunately, if the conversation begins before you arrive, we’ll need to reschedule you to attend an upcoming conversation.
  • Groups and teams are welcome and encouraged to come to a conversation together! Please feel free to sign up with people who you know.
  • Audio from all conversations are recorded by Zoom and become a part of the public conversation network on

For more info and details:

Click here for info on using Zoom

Click here for the Recording Guidelines & Conversation Agreements

Upcoming Conversations


Anyone age 18 and up are welcome to participate. We can also accommodate people age 14 - 17 with written consent from their parent or guardian. If you are interested in holding a conversation in a language other than English, please contact us.

LVN is a public conversation network. Recordings of conversations will be made available for public access and we expect excerpts of conversations to occasionally be quoted in newspapers, included in radio and television broadcasts, and included in podcasts.

Although we will not collect and publish detailed personal information about LVN participants, similar to calling in to a local talk radio show, participants should understand that their identity could later be recognized by others who were not part of the conversation.